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Other Vacations

Text: Drs. Maartje v/d Heuvel
ISBN 978-90-814085-2-3
Distribution: IDEA books 25,- Euro

Special Edition 1-15/15 book + one original work 150,- Euro

from the series: The Silvered 2015


Orna Wertman's photographic landscapes mislead the eye. Something isn't right in the images and yet they intrigue. Generally, several landscapes are combined in a way that goes unnoticed until the smallest details become visible. You could call it an old-fashioned way of creating a collage. When Wertman transposes one landscape on to another, a different ambiance arises. In this way, a paradisiacal landscape for example, can suddenly be hit by a tsunami or another disaster. It is remarkable that she made her compositions before these disasters took place.

The book Broken Landscapes, which was published in 2009, can be found at MoMA in New York and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In 2010, she participated in Quick Scan at the Dutch Photo Museum, Rotterdam.