visual artist / photographer

Wertman’s work is characterised by uniquely styled manipulation of different visuals into a single image, each bringing into the newly created picture different values. The result – taking the form of a photograph, an installation, an object or a video – is an absurd and humorous representation of Wertman’s own interests and fascinations.

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‘..ultimately Wertman’s work is not just a realistic representation, this book also tells us about the concept of a place, a culture, of people that we carry within us and that determines how we view the world.’

Text- Beatrice von Bormann, Peggy Brandon

32 p. + 2 sets photo leporellos, Edition 255

ISBN 978-90-814085-8-5

31.- Euro



I was in Japan

a fictional journey to Japan

Text: Hripsime Visser
ISBN 978-90-814085-6-1
28 p. Edition 255

30.- Euro



I was not in Japan


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