visual artist / photographer

Wertman’s work is characterised by uniquely styled manipulation of different visuals into a single image, each bringing into the newly created picture different values. The result – taking the form of a photograph, an installation, an object or a video – is an absurd and humorous representation of Wertman’s own interests and fascinations.

new book

About shipwrecks
What to do with sunken boats;
Bring it up or leave it underwater.

Roskilde, Denmark
Lelystad, Texel, The Netherlands
Patmos, Greece
Venice, Treviso, Italy

Text: Graddy Boven
ISBN 978-90-833270-0-6
44 p. Edition 255
€35.- Euro



On Water

Special Edition
Edition of 10
Archival print
21 x 30 cm

Book plus photo
€250.- Euro
available 2/10-10/10



On Water


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