Orna Wertman




8 July 2023 – 31 July 2023

Artist Talk – 28 July, 3pm 

ARTTRA Gallery, Amsterdam

Photo exhibition & book launch ‘On Water’
Wertman combines these enigmatic shipwrecks, whether they are above, or under water, with landscapes and architecture from different countries. The wrecks she has photographed in museums and in situ are mostly wrecked fishermen and/or passenger boats in Greece, Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Louis Th. Lehmann (1920-2012), was a well-known poet and naval archaeologist. In the 1990s he researched the construction of warships in ancient Greece. Alida Beekhuis (1933), his widow, has selected poems by Lehmann about ships especially for this exhibition.


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2010- ‘QUICKSCAN NL# 01- Photography Now’, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

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Solo exhibitions

1987 Gallery Forum, Amsterdam
1989 Gallery Drie 05, Amsterdam
1990 ‘Monòlegs’, Espais Art Centre, Girona, Spain
1991 Artifact Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1992 Gallery Espace, Amsterdam
Gallery B & M, Bratislava, Slovakia
1993 Castle Coevorden, Coevorden
1994 ‘Production 93/94’, Gallery Op ten Berg & Gabler, Amsterdam
‘Paintings – Puzzles – Models – Photo collages’, museum De Beyerd, Breda
1995 ‘The Zi – Day’, Gallery W + P, Amsterdam
1997 ‘Modern Art’, De Waag, Haarlem
1998 ‘Installation’, Art Centre De Boterhal, Hoorn
‘Retrospective’, Hogeschool van Amsterdam,

1999 ‘Display Case’, Franjo Studio, Amsterdam
‘Puzzle View’, Hotel Winston, Amsterdam
2000 ‘Puzzle View’, California Museum of Photography
‘Puzzle View’, De Balie, Amsterdam
‘Autonomous Photography’, Erez Virtual Gallery
2001 ‘Puzzle Foto Collage Foto’, Arttra, Amsterdam
‘Puzzle Airplane View’, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
2002 ‘Photography, Airplanes & Sheep’, museum De Beyerd, Breda
2003 ‘Lovely Birds’, Arttra, Amsterdam

2004 ‘Sheepies’, Arttra, Amsterdam
‘Structures’, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
2005 Breda Photo Fair, Breda
2007 Web Biennial 2007, Pavillion Six, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
2009 ‘Broken Landscapes’, Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam
2011 ‘After Broken Landscapes’, Pennings Gallery, Eindhoven
2014 ‘Municipal Archives & Coast’, Arttra, Amsterdam
2016 ‘Traces’,with: ‘Other Vacations’, Arttra, Amsterdam
2019 ‘I was not in Japan’, Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam

2020 ‘Hangar East: Monument to the Plane’, Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam

2021 ‘The Corso that never took Place’, Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam

Group exhibitions

1988 Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam
Festival International d’Art Moderne et Contemporane, Toulouse, France
1990 Free University, Nijmegen
1992 ‘Desert Flowers’, Dorus Rijkers Museum, Den Helder
1994 ‘Beek in Beeld’, art manifestation, Onstwedde
‘Under Current’, De Fabriek, Zaandam
‘The Sense that Something has disappeared’,
Gallery of Art, Haifa University, Haifa, Israel
1995 ‘One Hour Art’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Art Amsterdam, Gallery W + P, beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
1997 ‘Niet de reis maar het Logboek’, Amsterdam Centre for Photography, Amsterdam
1998 ‘Pane, Hate,’ Dotroom, Hotel Winston, Amsterdam
CPI-Contemp. Photoworks Inc., SBK Art Centre, Haarlem
1999 ‘Future’, Pulchri Studio, The Hague
Dotroom, kunstRai, Amsterdam
4 international photographers, SBK Art Centre, Hoorn
‘Avalanche!’, Amsterdam Centre of Photography, Amsterdam
2000 ‘Forth Art Pie’, Amsterdam
2001 ‘333 Items Received’, Stroom, The Hague
‘Matrimony’, art manifestation, Haifa, Israel (photo 6x4m)
2002 ‘Glass Membrane: Scanner to Screen’, California Museum of Photography
2003 ‘Small Works’, RAM Foundation, Rotterdam

2003-04 ‘Utopia’, art manifestation, Haifa, Israel (photos: ‘About a Place’)
2004 ‘Transforming Home’, RAM Foundation, Rotterdam
2005 Gallery Parade, Amsterdam
Breda Photo, photography manifestation, Breda
2006 ‘Genius Loci’, 8th International Festival Of Artistic Photography 2006, Athens, Greece
screening, Rhubarb-Rhubarb Photography Festival, Birmingham, England
D21:Salon, Leipzig, Germany
2007 ‘Extreme Places’ Photo Contest, California Museum of Photography, USA
2009 ‘Fresh Paint’ 2, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Extreme Places’, California Museum of Photography, USA
2010 ‘QUICKSCAN NL# 01- Photography Now’, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
Artantique, Utrecht
‘Three Dutch Surrealists’, Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs, Amsterdam
2011 FotoFever, Paris, France
2012 ‘Nature, but differently’, Gallery Pennings, Eindhoven,
‘With thanks to’, Amsterdam Centre for Photography, Amsterdam
2013 ‘Earth’, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
2015 Contemporary Art ‘Recent Acquisitions’, Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam