2008- Kunst Beeld – ‘Broken Landscapes’

..Orna Wertman does it differently. She goes back to the ‘old’ device of the collage to mislead the eye. She creates landscapes which are familiar at first sight, but which don’t seem to be ‘right’ when you take a second look at them. It’s always about two situations in the landscape which are combined to one image. In this way, compositions come into being, which, at one time, refer to the ‘classical’ composition, but which are more often shaped into an image (that is to a certain extent homogenous) in which an apocalyptical component is present. These are landscapes which seem desolate and barren, unmanageable and also somewhat threatening. These are the sort of subtle and metaphorical components that demand not only a second look at Orna Wertman’s collages, but also a third one.

– Robbert Roos

Enjoy the finest

Holland Myth

A travel in The Netherlands during Corona 2020
Endless voids.
Squares with abandoned toys.
Second lockdown in Amsterdam
(winter 2021)
Bizarre and surreal year.


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Text: Beatrice von Bormann, curator of modern art, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Peggy Brandon, Japanologist, former director of Sieboldhuis
ISBN 978-90-814085-8-5
32 p. Edition 255
Special Edition 15 – signed & numbered
Added 2x photo leporellos at the back.

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I was not in Japan

Parool Art & Media 5/4/2019 

There is no bigger Japanese cliché than blooming cherry trees. No bigger cliché, but also no symbol or image to better express the desire for Japan..


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Other Vacations

Volkskrant review, Paris Photo 12/11/2016

..Amidst all the recycling it is possible to give a new twist to photos of decades ago. The Dutch artist Orna Wertman shows this in her beautiful

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The Day the Earth Shakes

Best Photobooks of 2017: the selection of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

After Broken Landscapes and Bird Lands, Orna Wertman is back with a new 

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