I was not in Japan


I was not in Japan Parool Art & Media 5/4/2019 

There is no bigger Japanese cliché than blooming cherry trees. No bigger cliché, but also no symbol or image to better express the desire for Japan.. Writes Hripsimé Visser, curator or photography at the Stedelijk Museum, in the photo book that is accompanying the exhibition I was not in Japan. 

Orna Wertman presents again a collection of landscapes constructed in her unique style. They are broken landscapes – the title of her first publication – combinations of two different photographic images, carefully welded together in the classic craft collage technique she has been developing since 2003.

..In this new series, Orna Wertman implements this method to its ultimate consequence. The same motif returns. The cherry blossom is a compulsive element in the colors of the constructed landscapes, situations and encounters.  

 15 March to 28 April * day and night exhibition

Museum Perron Oost