Other Vacations

Volkskrant review, Paris Photo 12/11/2016

..Amidst all the recycling it is possible to give a new twist to photos of decades ago.

The Dutch artist Orna Wertman shows this in her beautiful, modest book (for sale at the book department of Paris Photo).In this book you can see her collages of photos taken out of the collection of a family member which had been rejected for the holiday album, because a finger was in front of the lens, because of unintended blur, or because they were boring or just bad pictures.

By cutting up these cast orphans from the album and assembly– sample – them in other photos, Wertman creates something truly new and intriguing. Impossible landscapes of town and pasture, winter and summer in one image. Impossible – except in Wertmans world.

Highly modern and hallucinatory. Which is again very ‘seventies’.